I am invested in the representation and extension of educational opportunities to disadvantaged communities. There is much work to be done here in the States, especially in our most isolated and disenfranchised (read: poor) locales, as well as a tremendous amount to be achieved internationally. There is often a fine line between lending a hand and further marginalizing communities and their cultures. Perhaps the most recent experiences that have contributed to my thinking and motivation in such matters are highlighted in my recent trip to Cambodia, working with faculty from Marlboro College to assess village drinking water systems (with the Cambodian Water Project of Massachusetts) and participating in the grassroots educational efforts of the Khmer Children’s Education Organization, a school in the village of Ang run by Marin Him and his team of teachers.

the Khmer Children's Education Organization

I am the web administrator for the KCEO’s web presence at On the website, you’ll find a collection of colorful and informative content about their little rural school and the efforts to establish educational opportunities for kids in Cambodia, where there is overwhelming need. I will be updating this page with some images highlighting my trip, as well as with some more information about the connection that we at Marlboro have established with the school. For now, please consider visiting these links and making a contribution.